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Mindfulness has a positive impact on health, mood, relationships and performance. If you would like to learn more about mindfulness for health, mindfulness in the workplace, mindfulness for children or mindfulness for sports and the performing arts contact us or sign up for a Free Mindfulness Information and Taster Session.

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It has been life changing and completely surprised me at how changing the way I think about my lifestyle has improved my health. My headaches have improved hugely, I am less tired and just generally enjoy life more.”

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Mindfulness in Canada

9th July 2018

I’m back from my Canadian Mindfulness Workshop series in Edmonton and what an amazing experience it was.  Most of the people attending the workshops came to learn skills to support their own wellbeing, a few came to learn a bit more about it for their jobs and a couple of mother and daughters attended to help navigate the pressures of being a teenager (and parenting one!).  Everyone was enthusiastic and it was a joy to teach them although a bit exhausting after a 12 hour journey.  Many thanks to Fit2Function for organising the workshops and being the ultimate host.  My free time was spent on a sunny patio with salad, iced tea and good company.

I was curious about the cultural differences with regards to mindfulness and it turned out there weren’t many.  The level of mindfulness awareness was similar to the UK with health professionals and teachers having quite a lot of understanding, a few others who had developed their own knowledge through books and the rest admitting they knew very little.  There’s always some myth busting involved with helping people understand that the benefits we hear about in the press are from taking an 8 week mindfulness course, not just by “being in the moment” (although this is a good first step!).  In the end I think everyone came away with a better understanding of what mindfulness is and resources to learn more.

After the workshops days I headed to the mountains with my old university friend.  Days of hiking, reading, relaxing, chatting and absorbing the immense scenery were just what I needed to recharge the batteries for the trip back home.

Simply Mindfulness is Off to Canada

20th June 2018

I’m off to visit the very fabulous Fit to Function Pilates Studio in Edmonton, Alberta to run Mindfulness for Health workshops for a few days.  I’m very excited to be teaching mindfulness to a crowd who is already experienced in mindful movement pilates as taught by my highly skilled occupational therapist friend, Sandra.  We’ve been overwhelmed by the demand for the workshops and have filled a grand total of 7 workshops over 2 days.  It will be busy but highly enjoyable.  Afterwards we have a recovery road trip to the Rocky Mountains where I will be putting my new photography skills (I’ve taken a course!) to the test.  Looking forward to seeing how my UK mindfulness experience translates to a Canadian audience, but as mental health is a universal experience, I suspect there will be more similarities than differences.