Workplace & Private Courses

Workplace Courses

Workplace well-being and mental health awareness is high on the agenda for businesses seeking to support the health of their employees.  Mindfulness can be a valuable tool to encourage a healthy working environment from a managerial level, facilitate peer support and give individuals strategies to manage difficulty both at home and at work.

Mindfulness can improve workplace culture by fostering better performance, creativity, resilience, leadership and team working. Learning mindfulness techniques allows people to see a problem more clearly and make skilful choices about how to respond, avoiding well-worn automatic reactions that may not be the most effective.  For individuals, mindfulness can reduce depression, anxiety, pain and improve stress management and job satisfaction.

There can often be skepticism in the early stages of introducing mental wellness programs as it is often perceived as tick box exercise.  For this reason, it is advised to begin the process with a one hour information and taster session.   A Mindfulness Workshop includes education in the three spheres of workplace well-being:

1.  Workplace Environment:  Creating awareness of what is needed in the workplace to support an individual’s wellbeing

2.  Peer Support:  Learning well-being together to remove the stigma associated with mental distress.

3.  Individual Well-Being:

a)  Education about what the brain looks like under stress

b)  The impact of chronic stress on our physical and mental health

c)  Strategies and resources to manage stress and busy lives

The cost is £150 for a one hour workshop in Norwich.  Cost for travel time and mileage will be added for locations outside of Norwich.

Feedback from a participant in a workplace Mindfulness Workshop:

“The mindfulness class you held in February was brilliant.  We learnt a lot, the speaker was concise and gave us the incredibly useful 3-stage breathing technique (which I have used a few times already).  February 2019

“I have attended other Mindfulness presentations but this ticked all my boxes.  It was professionally presented as well as fun to take part in.”  June 2018

Workplace 8-Week Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing Training

Should a workplace wish to move on from a one hour workshop, the core of mindfulness at work is the 8 week Mindfulness for Health and Well-being Course traditionally consisting of a 90 minute session delivered to staff once a week for 8 weeks.  This can be offered more flexibly depending on the needs of the workplace (e.g. 4 half day sessions over 8 weeks). This course can be delivered at a time or place that would be most beneficial for your business.

The 8 Week course, costs £1695 for up to 15 people (14 hours of course content and a folder with course notes, location to be provided by host).   If an external venue is required, there are several options that can be explored.  Please contact me if you are interested in arranging a workplace course tailored to your needs.

What people say:

“In my day job I work with people who can be emotionally distressed, and after work I can carry their feelings.  Using mindfulness allows me to be present for my clients but then not carry their emotion with me.  It’s healthier for me and the space makes me reset before seeing the client again so I can offer them a better session.”  November 2017  

“I have found the course extremely rewarding.  I have been able to establish a meditation practice every morning and develop mindfulness during the day.  I have been less stressed, kinder to myself and others and more focused during the day.  At work I have been more alive and appreciative of my life and the universe.  I am able to live in the moment for more of the time and have derived pleasure from doing so.”  December 2017 

“I approached this with an expectation to improve how I managed my workload and the stresses of that.  I was surprised how the course made me focus on home life more than work and therefore indirectly having an impact on work.  Many thanks.” March 2018

“Watching my colleagues take it into their everyday lives has been really lovely and I have witnessed conversations where people have discussed their approach (e.g. removing passive aggression).  Thank you.”   March 2018

Private Courses

If you are keen to learn mindfulness through a private arrangement, please contact me to discuss options.  Shorter taster sessions and workshops can be arranged at a reasonable cost.  The 8 week course (90 minute class each week) can be provided for groups of up to 6 people  for £800 plus £10 each person for a manual.  Please contact me to discuss all options including assisting with funding through employers or private healthcare insurance.


Please read these testimonials from people who have attended a Simply Mindfulness course