About Debbie

Debbie Larson

Debbie is a registered occupational therapist trained in Canada with 13 years experience in the NHS in rehabilitation of patients with physical injuries. Through her work she became interested in how people with the same injuries with the same surgeons and the same therapists had vastly different outcomes based on their thoughts, moods, beliefs, history, relationships and the environment around them.

She embarked on a journey to learn the skills needed to support patients with complex needs as they recovered from a physical injury, condition or following an operation.  She trained in cognitive behavioural therapy foundation skills, health coaching and completed the Mindfulness Based Teacher Training Level 1 through Bangor University in September 2016.   In 2017 she started Simply Mindfulness to reach people outside of healthcare who were approaching her for mindfulness training.  She now works part time with Simply Mindfulness and part time in a hospital as a Clinical Specialist in Hand Therapy, Pain Management and Mindfulness with patients presenting with physical symptoms.

Debbie has a young family and has expanded her mindfulness interest to children, particularly through the use of mindfulness in schools and the enhanced well-being of parents and teachers.  She has taught several school staff groups mindfulness.  Although she is trained to deliver the Paws B Mindfulness in Schools Programme, she prefers to provide the foundation training to teachers so they can attend further training to deliver the course to students themselves.

She is also a keen athlete with an affinity for long distance events which have included marathons, triathlons, Tough Mudders, a half ironman, an Etape du Tour long distance cycling event and a multiday mountain marathon in the Scottish Highlands. Although training time is limited now with youngsters and work she still enjoys getting out for regular runs with friends and the odd race here and there.

Debbie teaches mindfulness as an occupational therapist registered with the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and regulated through the Health and Care Professions Council.  She is listed as a Mindfulness Teacher with the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Training Organisations having the met the strict Good Practice Guidelines to teach mindfulness to the highest standard.  She has regular contact with a supervisor through the Mindfulness Network CIC and is insured to teach mindfulness in private practice.

What people say:

“Debbie has been informative, knowledgeable, positive and approachable throughout and I will miss not having our weekly sessions!  Thank you!”

“Debbie’s sympathetic approach to her delivery, always inviting you to delve deeper and never criticizing the lack of evidence that was requested each week.”

“Debbie is a great teacher – informative but also gently leading us to our own recognition of what’s going on.  She is also fun to listen too!”

“The sessions were delivered in a friendly, professional and relaxed manner, making me feel able to join in and make the most of the course.”

“Debbie has gently introduced me to this practice in a practical, non-fussy way!”

“Thank you for putting me at ease enabling me to relax.”



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