At the end of the 8 Week Mindfulness Course I ask each person to reflect on what mindfulness has given them.  Some prefer to keep their comments private but many give permission to share their comments anonymously to help others understand the experience of learning mindfulness.  Here is a selection of those comments.

“Having been a bit sceptical about the whole idea of mindfulness, thinking it was something airy-fairy and hippyish, I have had my opinion completely changed since taking the 8 week course.  I now actually think everyone should do the course whether they are young, old, stressed or content with their lot.  It’s helped me understand how my mind works and how I can have more control, be more ‘mindful’ in effect, over my mind and my approach to life itself.  It’s left me calmer, happier and better equipped to handle everything that life throws at you.”  June 2018

“I was, and sometimes still do, struggle with my son.  This course has opened my mind from trying to change our relationship to changing the way I manage myself, from depletion to nourishment, to ‘being’ instead of ‘striving’  Being kind to myself when I do not manage the situation. Practise is crucial as I can reflect on good weeks and bad weeks and the amount of mindful work I have put in.  I need to improve my routines but I have the tools to manage this.” December 2018

It has really given me the knowledge and understanding of how to manage my own feelings, situations and communication with others.  Previously I have sometimes felt that I could not control these!  I’m much less stressed and worried!  Than you so much!”  March 2018

“I have a long history of overthinking, automatic pilot, anxiety and depression.  This has helped me take time to stop and put things in perspective.  I now have a routine which helps enormously with work and relationship perspectives.  I still need a lot of practise but it has already changed my life.  I had no idea I could focus my thoughts and mind that way.”  March 2018

“Watching my colleagues take it into their everyday lives has been really lovely and I have witnessed conversations where people have discussed their approach (e.g. removing passive aggression).  Thank you.”   March 2018

“I approached this with an expectation to improve how I managed my workload and the stresses of that.  I was surprised how the course made me focus on home life more than work and therefore indirectly having an impact on work.  Many thanks.” March 2018

“I have enjoyed it immensely.  It has been very worthwhile”  March 2018

“This course has been extremely helpful to me.  I do not wake up a bit sad in the mornings (which I used to for no known reason).  Overall it has had a very positive effect on life, without  being overwhelming in its delivery.  I feel physically better.  Delivered with great professionalism.  Thank you!”  March 2018

“Learning mindfulness has been fascinating. On the one hand, it feels at first like you are doing nothing. Yet you’re reprogramming your brain, out of old, bad habits, and into better, more positive ways of viewing events and responding to emotions, and dealing with ‘stuff’. I’ve felt a better sense of calm within, and it’s a tool/method that I can use wherever and whenever I may be. It is important because there are so many activities / therapies you can sign up to help your body, but mindfulness is one for your brain.”   November 2017

“I have attended other Mindfulness presentations but this ticked all my boxes.  It was professionally presented as well as fun to take part in.”  June 2018

Mindfulness is slowly developing into something I use in daily life. I feel more in control and I am less stressed for it. I feel confident about the future with mindfulness in my life”   March 2017

“It’s like seeing the world change from black and white to colour!”   April 2017

“It has been life changing and completely surprised me at how changing the way I think about my lifestyle has improved my health. My headaches have improved hugely, I am less tired and just generally enjoy life more.”   April 2017

“This course has given me the toolkit and knowledge to become more aware of myself and of the present moment (on both good days and bad). I have also really enjoyed the physiology and understanding behind how our minds and bodies deal with stress. Now that I understand it and can recognise it, I can deal with it more effectively. Thank you Debbie!”   December 2017

“I can predict that in a busy school and with the fast-paced life I lead that I will need to use a mindfulness practice either in the future or regularly. Debbie has been informative, knowledgeable, positive and approachable throughout and I will miss not having our weekly sessions! Thank you!”    December 2017

“I have found this program really beneficial to me. Before starting it, I was feeling extremely stressed and was also finding I was anxious a lot of the time and didn’t really have a coping strategy to help improve this. I also doubted whether or not ‘mindfulness’ would be something I would be able to do / would benefit from. However, I have been really surprised and pleased to find out that with practise, the mindfulness meditation has proved to be a very effective relaxation and stress-relieving technique for me, which although I haven’t managed to incorporate this into my daily life, I have managed to continue using this at least a few times a week which has been really helpful for me.”   November 2017

“Mindfulness is proving to be a really useful tool in helping to cope with everyday stress and difficulties. It has helped me appreciate life and notice more of the things previously often overlooked like looking in wonder at the stars in the sky like I used to as a child. I will always use it in everyday life.”   November 2017

“Life at home & work can be very busy / stressful / overwhelming at times. I needed ways to cope / deal with this and also to pass onto my children.  This course has allowed me to be kind to myself, be aware of things, relax and stay calm in moments of heightened stress!”   December 2017

“It has assisted greatly in impacting changes within my family. I no longer expect my children to comply with what I want them to do. Instead I am accepting of their views and opinions and look to understand them. The calmness of this approach has led to making for a much nicer home. The whole family engages with some of the meditation.”    November 2017

“I have found the course extremely rewarding. I have been able to establish a meditation practice every morning and develop mindfulness during the day. I have been less stressed, kinder to myself and others and more focused during the day. At work I have been more alive and appreciative of my life and the universe. I am able to live in the moment for more of the time and have derived pleasure from doing so.”  November 2017

“The course has helped me to relax and in turn has had a positive effect on my sleep pattern.  I also think when I uncomfortable situations I do try not to have a negative reaction when things get tough.   Have started noticing and appreciating everyday things around me and take the time to stop and enjoy them.”   November 2017

“After my sceptical start, I have found it very enlightening. It has helped how I deal with my anxiety and with practise I hope I can incorporate it into my daily tasks.  The course has been taught in a way that it has benefitted everyone’s different objectives and has been a very open and honest space.”   November 2017

“I have suffered from yo-yoing depression / anxiety for many years even though I managed to hold down senior demanding careers but to the detriment of my health. I have been on various medications of varying strength but they did not improve my high anxiety or mood. I started the course, recommended by a friend, as something to fill a day and get out of the house but I was not expecting the gradual effect, week by week, of the power of mindfulness knowledge and the CBT topics we covered. It has made such an impact on my equilibrium and I have managed to decrease my medication (GP supported) with no negative effects. I would do the course again.” December 2017

“I have found the course so informative as well as useful for everyday life. I struggle to find time for the mindfulness practices but I know I need them. The course has made me realise how my knee jerk reactions to stressful situations have had a bad physical effect on my body, as well as making the situation worse. Consciousness of the danger of the ‘second arrow’ regularly stop me in my tracks and make me aware of what’s happening and remind me to calm myself. I have enjoyed too trying to do everyday chores at home ‘mindfully’.
Debbie is a great teacher – informative but also gently leading us to our own recognition of what’s going on. She is also fun to listen too!”   December 2017

“In my day job I work with people who can be emotionally distressed, and after work I can carry their feelings. Using mindfulness allows me to be present for my clients but then not carry their emotion with me. It’s healthier for me and the space makes me reset before seeing the client again so I can offer them a better session.”
November 2017

“Having suffered a heart attack and consequently looking at ways of dealing with stress, I have found the Mindfulness course, run by Debbie, to be very helpful and effective. I cannot thank you enough! It has changed my approach to so many aspects of my life; from eating to cycling. It enabled me to experience them afresh, by clearing away all the mental clutter which so often obscures the rich colour and beauty in life.”  May 2017

“It has been life changing and completely surprised me at how valuable it is to changing the way I think and insight into my own lifestyle and behaviours. I am amazed at how being more aware I am now at being in the moment than just constantly DOING and STRIVING! My headaches have improved hugely and I am less tired and just generally enjoy life more! I have made changes in my lifestyle as a result and in how I approach different things / people. Thanks so much Debbie – it has and continues to be an enormous asset in my life (and I didn’t think I needed it!)”           May 2017

“I was unsure about this when mum first mentioned it to me. But I have found that I have improved massively since I first started. For a person who gets stressed and anxious easily, which leads me to go down the Exhaustion Funnel, I can now see a way out. This has been so useful, especially for later life. Thank you.”  July 2017

“It has helped me cope with life with teenagers. It has helped my family to have conversations with some terminology. We have all taken different things away, but all benefitted. If has given the flesh behind the app and as a consequence I am much more likely to continue with it and return to it.”  July 2017

“Just try it out as I believe that there is nobody the course can’t help.”   September 2017

“Thank you for putting me at ease enabling me to relax, take time from the busyness of life and to begin to understand what is going on in my mind and how it is affecting my body and health!”  November 2017

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the way in which I have been able to immerse myself in the programme. The sessions were delivered in a friendly, professional and relaxed manner, making me feel able to join in and make the most of the course. It has helped me to relax my mind and body and to develop strategies for coping better with the stresses of everyday life.”  April 2017

“Compared to following a book or audio tape alone – this course has given me the knowledge and practise greater depth. I have been inspired by the others on the course and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”  April 2017

“Mindfulness helps me to clear my mind and get to sleep more quickly. I sleep more deeply after I practise it in the evening.”  April 2017


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