Mindful Motherhood and Mindful Kids

3rd February 2019

What a fabulous experience leading Mindful Motherhood at Rowan House Health and Wellness Centre and starting the pilot 6-Week Mindful Kids Class at the Simply Mindfulness Studio last week.  Mindful Motherhood had 14 mums and their babies learning how to be mindful to support their own wellbeing and the emotional development of their babies.  Mindful Kids has 6-9 year olds and their parents, grooving to some music, playing games and learning a tiny bit about the brain and how we can train it.  With 14 babies, 7 children and 18 parents, the classes started with the busy energy you would expect but ended with a sense of calm and a seed of confidence to manage the wobbles that come with everyday life.

The wonderful mums and babies who attended Mindful Motherhood have inspired a new 8-Week Mindful Motherhood Course starting on April 29 for mothers and their babies. It’s something I’ve been wanting to run for a while but wasn’t sure how it would work.  With this group of willing mothers, we discovered mindfulness can be experienced with everyone finding their own way.  Between mindful cuddles, walking, feeding, playing and slowly following a crawling baby, each mum experienced how mindfulness can work for them.  At the end of the session everyone came up with a plan how they can fit mindfulness into their day with almost everyone choosing times when they were with their baby.  Thank you to Rachel at Rowan House for putting Mindful Motherhood on the map.  I would encourage everyone to look at the programme of events Rachel runs at Rowan House to support healthy families.

Mindful Kids is an entirely different experience.  The parents have all completed an 8 Week Mindfulness Course and are keen to help their children learn about their minds and how to skilfully respond to the fears, wobbles and frustrations that arise every day.  The kids challenge the adults with lessons in flossing and dabbing and everyone tells me their favourite things so they can be themes for the games we play (water-skiing!?!?).  At the very end we have a Brain Training session.  Last week they learned about the frontal cortex and how it helps them pay attention and that you can train this.  These children amazed us by throwing themselves into the task of focusing their attention on 10 breaths.  Armed with their Brain Training Workbook, they have spent the week at home training their brains more than any of us could have expected.  I have been truly inspired by these little ones.  I thoroughly enjoy their company and look forward to the Brain Training still to come.  And watching their faces while they focus on 10 breaths is an experience I will never forget.

If you would like to learn about mindfulness and how to bring it to the babies, children or teens in your schools or family, please contact me.  A little heads up though – I always start with the adults :).


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